Lower Extremity Wounds

Lower Extremity Wounds

If you are suffering from lower extremity wounds / sores on your feet, or have had a history of a recent lower extremity or foot surgery that is not healing as rapidly as you or your doctor would expect, you may have a component of peripheral arterial disease or venous disease which is contributing to the wound or the delayed wound healing.

We have the ability to rapidly diagnose and treat you for peripheral arterial disease or venous disease that may cause poor wound healing.

Poor wound healing and subsequent wound infection can result in lower extremity amputation.

If you have had a recent amputation, without an angiogram, or picture of the blood flow to the affected limb, you may have undiagnosed peripheral arterial disease.

We specialize in improving blood flow to and from the lower extremities to enhance wound healing and prevent amputation.

If you have already had a partial amputation, or have delayed wound healing, contact us so that we can ensure you are getting adequate blood flow to and from the affected area to minimize your risk of recurrent infection, further amputation, and improve wound healing.